Fall Recruiting

Post date: Aug 16, 2014 4:01:52 PM

School is about to start, so it is time to kick Cub Scout recruiting into high gear. There are several events where we will have a Cub Scout table, and I need volunteers to help man them.

1. The Cub Scouts are sharing a table at the Meet the teacher event on 8/21 - please sign up for a 30 min shift. Boys wear pack t-shirt.

2. School Night for Scouting - 9/9 at Jackson & 9/10 at Weatherford. At this event, someone from the district will present and help get new scouts registered. Handbooks will be sold at a discount to those that attend. We need as many boys and parents as we can get - so if you can only make one event, let it be this one. Boys wear Class A uniform.

3. Parent orientation meetings 1st-3rd. A table set up in the hallway will allow us to talk with interested parents as they are coming & going. Boys wear Class A uniform.

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