Our Local Boy Scout Troops

We often say that Cub Scouting is "Fun with a Purpose", and although it is a great adventure for our sons, it is really just the beginning. Cub Scouts begins teaching the values and culture of scouting as preparation for the real journey: becoming a Boy Scout.

It is our objective to graduate every one of our Cubs into a local Troop where they will take what we have started with them as boys and grow with it into young men. Below is a list of some of the Troops in our vicinity that are looking for Webelos 1 & 2 Scouts to come visit and get to know them. The events for each Troop can be found in the Calendar on your Webelos Den Pages.

Each Troop is different and it is up to the Scout which group he feels fits his personality and ambitions best, so take your time and shop around to find the right fit. Remember, this is the Scout's choice. We are just here to support them.

Meet the Troops

Troop 25 - Custer Rd. United Methodist, 6601 Custer

Troop 198 - Messiah Lutheran, 1801 Plano Pkwy.

Troop 261 - Christ United Methodist, Parker & Coit

Troop 262 - Holy Nativity Church, 18th & Jupiter

Troop 285- St. Mark's Catholic Church, 15th & Alma

Troop 288 - Disciples Christian Church, Park & Independence

Troop 300 - First Presbyterian Church, 15th & Jupiter

Troop 999 - Grace Presbyterian Church, 4300 Park Blvd.

Troop 1000 - Resurrection Lutheran, Park & Independence

Troop 2819 - Bentwood Trail Presbyterian, 6000 Bentwood Trail