Scouting For Food Saturday February 13th, 2016

Post date: Feb 9, 2016 4:54:41 PM

Scouting For FoodSaturday February 13th, 2016

A cub scout gives good will. There is no better way to show our Scouting Spirit than by participating in the annual Scouting for Food drive! Now is the time to show our community the Scouting values of being loyal, helpful, kind and cheerful.

Meet at Jackson Elementary parking lot at 9am in your Ÿ Class A uniform

Bring a wagon if available as the scouts will be going door to door collecting donations

Join us for lunch afterward

Fellow Scouters and Scouts:

The head of the Plano Food Pantry has specifically requested the following items which the North Texas Food Bank does not provide:

  • Box Dinners (Hamburger Helper, Mac & Cheese, Prego ready Meals, Pace Ready Meals)

  • Box sides (Mashed potatoes, Stove Top, Rice A Roni)

  • Canned Meat (Chicken, Tuna, etc..)

  • Canned Sauce (Tomatoes (Past, sauce, peeled, etc)

  • Canned Fruit

  • Boxes of Breakfast Cereal

  • Anything else not listed above.

They will take all donations of food as well as cash or check donations. They are a 501c3 organization so all donations are tax deductible.

Speaking from the heart, this is one activity that we need every Scout and Scouter to take part in. This is giving back to the community we live in. Scouters, please press upon you Scouts that they are Helpful and Kind. That there are families who need the food from the Pantry weekly. Over the past few years, most of our community is not covered to collect food due to low turnout. Those who come out to collect food year after year, Thank you.

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